Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Dinner

we have our dinner at Chilis in Klcc, super full that nite, at 1st we plan to visit de Aquaria near o KLCC but unfortunately we couldn't make it, so sad becuz of the Chilis, we had to wait for half an hour and we miss the time to visit Aquaria. Super sad, that was the 2nd time we couldn't make it, haiz hope there s wont be a 3rd time..... hopefullllllyyyy cuz i m so desperate to visit the Aquaria, i ve never been there so sad, but luckily the dinner was super delicious.....


又走了,他们也要走了,在幼儿园当老师最开心是看到学生懂事了,乖了,长大了,可是最伤心的也是看到他们懂事了乖了长大了,甚至,该毕业了,转校了。 明年再不会见到天天逗你的他们。她适合当老师吗?可她真的很希望他们永远都是我的学生,舍不得他们的离去,担心他们的下个老师是好是坏,他们会变坏吗?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Is in my cousin wedding tis is my cousin brother n my another cousin bro's gal fren, b4 de weddin there s a part we listen to the both bride's love story. They both knew each other from icq. Every couple have to been through a lot of odds to have a happy ending. Hopefully they will have a happy new honey moon year and their marriage will last forever. Not every couple can have a happy ending like them, hopefully they ll cherish each other as they promised each other during the wedding.

Look is my piece de resistance, keeeee de one i worked for a nite is nice n cuteee rite? huahua wow did u see de small carrots at the left side, i cut it one by one over nite n the carrots below it wowm really a hard work, tis picture sacrificed my exam.... o no but finally i hv done it though not as good as other teacher, i edy re do it about three times at last i did it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

haizzzz, last nite dint sleep whole nite becuz of de students project haizzzzz finnaaallyyy is super nice n is cute, but haiiiizzzzz i sacrifice my mid term my mark, haiiiizzz tis semester result will drop undoubtly hnnnnggggg sad sad de students project all i hv to do........... tomolo still gt parent teacher meetin days haiiiiizzzz my result err, my mark gone working while studying is not really a gud idea, ya is tiring but de worse one is it ll affect ur markssss haizzzz now very sleeeeppyyyy feel like Zzzzzzz but slap slap cannot sleep errrr hv to study slap slap wakkkkkeeeeeeeuppppppp

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

O oh, havin mid term next week, heeeeeeeee muz study really reALLY hard hard hard, this semester, hopefully score higher oooo. Haiz again, have a parent teacher meetin day next week, omg, alll de fussssyy parents again, is goin to be here haizzzzzzz Zzzzzzz, oh god plsssssssssssss help, i dunno wat to tell de parents, their children is super naughty or wattt leh? haizzzzzzz hopefully wont get complain again..........

Sunday, October 12, 2008


何时开始,人们沟通了?有人知道吗?人,用的是语言,人与人之间少不了言语,可有了语言有了言语,就有了“一传十,十传百,百传虚”的厉害。人家说道听而途说,德之弃也, 可却还会有人途说,有人道听。语言减少了人们之间的隔离,可它带给了人们之间的误会,增加了人们之间的争论,甚至争吵。社会里有许许多多利用语言来生存,可不擅长用语言来言语的,往往会因语言或言语被拉倒了,垮了。语言成了日常生活中的必需品,它让人密切,让人表达,可它真的很可怕, 不, 不该是它, 是人心或人性, 它们让语言可怕了. 少说话多做事, 可却有人认为多说话是好事。遥言,让人猜疑,可却人人相信,忠言却逆耳。人心,人性,让语言的存再是个错误,是时候该改了。

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Saturday, October 4, 2008

刻苦耐劳,难道有苦有劳就有成功吗??可有的人苦了劳了一辈子,得到的却是失败,或是遗憾的失去。皇天不负苦心人,可皇天真的很爱玩弄人,苦了一辈子的人, 换得来的只是一场恶梦,还是到了尽头,永远的睡了,梦才醒了。为何人要努力的活着,只为了那一瞬间的快乐,还是漫长的劳累,意义在哪里??或许有些人侥幸的赢了,达到了,可他付出的代价,和他失去的,划算了吗?? 不幸的人却因欲望,走错了路,回不了岸,走到了尽头,埋没了良心,遗臭万年,或成了害群之马。人生真的如梦吗?何时才会醒,觉悟了,还是会有另一场梦,快乐时是梦,伤心时也是梦,梦何时了,结束了,梦得累了,病痛的梦,又来了,永远睡了,才是最清醒的。

is mei

haha mei happy birthday o wish u luck.

me n phik

me and phik durin our gatherin, so lovely, really hard to meet her and hv a such warm hug, wakaka. Hopefully she ll meet a prince charmin tat love her deeply and hv a happy endin forever cuz i prefer her smile than her tears.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Oops headacche, two more days for my 4 assignment, but i edy feel like dying now, i juz done one quarter of it, i really feel like sleeepin now phewww, i should have read more books, newspaper watever so tat i dont hv to struggle search from the net like searchin a needle under de sea, wat a headache day. Mid term exam soon, but i still haven touch my notes yet, summore wif an annoyin boss, cuz me a lot of prob, progress report to meet parents ,ugghhhh i hate it. i have to blame the reggio emillia approach which cuz us hv to meet parents today though at 1st i like it. Summore wif a deepavali project, a lot of paper works to do, omg wat a tiring life.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


In nine years i wan to travel around the world, have my own music school, more succeed than yamaha with my licensesheet, and my own preschool, i will work for it but now i have to finish my assignment and my exxam first. Jia you o


Romantic night

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I don't know but I believe.
That some things are meant to be
.And that you'll make a better me.Everyday I Love You
I never thought that dreams came true.
But you showed me that they do.
You know that I learn something new.
Everyday I Love You'Cause I believe that destiny.
Is out of our control.
Don't you know that I do.
And you'll never live until you love.
With all your heart and soul.
It's a touch when I feel bad.I
t's a smile when I get mad.
All the little things I am.
Everyday I love youEveryday
I love you moreEveryday I love you'Cause I believe that destiny.
Is out of our control.Don't you know that I do.
And you'll never live until you love.
With all your heart and soul.If I asked,
"Would you say yes?"Together we're the very best.
I know that I am truly blessed.
Everyday I love you.And I'll give you my best.
Everyday I love you

Oops, tears burst out again last nite, it really a hard nite for me, but aftter the war i feel better becuz i noe him more, feel relieved now everythin which been hidin in my heart bursted out finally. Perhaps it s pain but juz once and much more better after tat. I not really noe wat he s thinkin but at least i noe wat he wan and i willin to compromise though i not really like to. Maybe it is better for us, and i should hv noe how busy and how tired he was, striving for his dream. All i can do now is juz support him be his V power in order to help him "refill petrol" when he need and not pressurin him to acc me more. Juz Do It

Prince n me

Is me and him, juz had our 1st year annivesary, perhaps it juz a year, but we been through a lot.