Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Sixth day

hey y u haven up date ur blog wif ur Osaka photo, i wan to see eh, especially the Geisha, sure super super pretty i really wish to go by myself like u once in my life time, now onwards, i will learn Japanese, i will learn ahahaha, as u promised u much teach me oso plsssss. Other than that, i ll train myself to cycle, ahahahaah as u noe, i m super lousy in cycling, juz once u teach me only eee dont laugh at me o, i noe tat time i shouted like a big so po, but seriously, i m scare, super scare ehehhee but finally i can turn the pedal for 7 round until the bicycle stall ahahaha, u really a good coach, next time, u can try to interview to becum a coach if u cant find other jobs, it s suit u becuz, obviously u hv a good leadership especially to handle followers like me. AAHHAA but see i m improvin.... one day i might got oveer u.. i believe that, i m ambitious now (jokin) tired sleepy, but study soon. Hey miss ya

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

人生太多不愉快的事了, 可我们都要看的开, 因为我们选着了, 也许就在我们喝孟婆汤之前, 我决定了要忘了前世, 所有不开心的事, 重新再活一次, 而阎罗王, 给了我们机会, 所以我们又到这个世界, 同样的, 遇到不愉快的事, 可能最好的方法,就是尽量的把它忘了,重新再活一次, 那不如意的事也许也成了好事,我们不用学会去坚强, 勉强自己不开心的去笑, 我们需要, 学会忘, 学会放, 那才可以开心的... 要不想想, 还有许多许多不如意的事很侥幸的, 没发生, 就会更开心了, 不要认为自己很惨, 要觉得有人, 比起你, 还更不幸....... 开心笑, 世界多美好。。。。。。。。。。。。。。

The fifth day

Have a terrible day today, super tired but still hv to take a long way train to get home, thinkin of u while the journey to back home, dunno y, keep on non stop thinkin of u, perhaps too tired and sleepy, juz to think u to keep me awake, if not i sure miss the station where i hv to gt down from the train... ehehehe, i m sick again durin the exam so kelian, my mouth super pain wif ulcers, hard to talk and even laugh oso it will pain, i dunno y i writin msg to u from blog but tat s the way to let u know becuz u wont read my testi from friendster anymore if i dint tell u i did send, last nite ur story too long, but though i hv a nitemare too, sorry errrr i dint talk to u much, i was not in good mood to talk, summore with extremely pain mouth, i dont think i can talk too much... tats the diisaster for not drinkin much water as u told me to but dont get mad of it k? i ll drink more now onwards c u soon

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Fourth Day

Today the 1st paper, dint do well anyway, now have to study, juz to tell u a fuuny thing happen, i bought three papaya wf 1 ringgit, actually from the stall i fren, my mum pay five ringgit but the guy refuse to take n gave my mum 4 ringgit change, miss u a lot, juz gt a super short phone call from u ahaha, but sure super expensive sure..... i wanna tell u sumthin when u back, i hv to........
Enjoy there

Saturday, December 13, 2008


今天, 已经是第三天了,再倒数,大概还有四天,就可以和你聊了。明天,考试的第一天, 有点担心, 而且, 很想时间能过的快点, 记忆,也需要好一点, 因为需要记下很多资料。 你过的还好吧? 向来,你都爱吃日本餐, 应该习惯吧??? 油价又跌了, 现在是1.30 了, 多亏渔夫的功劳..... 不过,有预感, 將來會再起. 玩的開心點喔................


今天很累, 忙了一天, 好多学生都快毕业了,大部份都缺席, 剩下的, 只是冷清清的教室。 很想你, 每次陪我聊天, 话题在少,在无聊,只要跟你聊,总不觉闷。 很想听你说故事, 今天发生的事, 你过的还好吧????? 很想听你形容日本, 应该很美吧??? 第二天了,没和你聊了,心情很反常, 也许明天会好些吧? 我不会想太多, 放心。。。。

Friday, December 12, 2008


好空虚, 很不习惯,是我太依赖你吧? 眼泪又流了, 睁开着的眼睛很不听话, 闭不上。 很没用吧, 说好要睡的,不要去想,说好要转心,可心还是会不知不觉中漂到你那里,很想放弃的,可是你吩咐的,说我需要转心读书,考式要到了。 我真的乖,逼自己在读,一直在读,可不由自主的,又想到你,很想见你,就一眼都好,可迟迟的都不见你上网,你大概再忙吧? 好了啦,读书了,不然你又会生气。。。。。。。

At last, they graduate, today was the last preschool day of 2008, the 6 years children, im not
their parents, but really super duper hope they will hv a nice future, dunno y, it was a strong
feelin tat cannot be explained. I really love them, but time hv brought them away, so far
away, they all hv their own lives after tat, their bright future n soon, most probably, they will
forget me a so call teacher for them, they are past n parcel of my life, patrons that hv light up
my life, but they gone, but they left a present for me, A GOOD MEMORY, i really love them so
much so deeply. I cried again, tears leak out from my eyes again, i m so useless n helpless,
cried infront of the parents, but then i really really feel hard to let them go, after a year with
them, is hard to say bye, after all the graduate concert, we all work hard together b4 is hard
to separate. All of them, they were students, but i actually learned a lot from them, learn to
smile more, learn to be innocent ahahaaa, thx for them. I love them so much, i wont forget
bout them, the ways they look now n the memory we hv together we built together. Oo hard
to say goodbye, but teacher should let go for them to hv an adventurous lives. There are more
and more students for me to guide, i swear i will be a good teacher forever if i m.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hey see is me and Jenny, an adorable gal i knew last year, ahahhaa so happy to see her again. Hopefully our friendship last forever

Nice rite the picture ??

He went back to singapore today, i never miss him tat much b4. Perhaps i never experince b4 cant talk to him for more than 3 hours eheheheheee. Is time for me to learn to acclimatize it. He is goin to Japan soon wow it must be a really hard time for me, cant see him for a week not even wif the webcam, no phone call, how i goin to pass through that week, struggle for tat week, i really dunno. Maybe exam can make me feel better ahhhaaaa i havin exam by tat time. Exam more important ofcuz eheee so juz leave him let go, n study exam study exam continuosly until he come back. Then we sure will have a nice vocation after tat eheee, i really hope so. But i need a time to shop too after exam, welll dunno who will really wanna shop wif me or else i hv to shop alone. TIme to study...........

Monday, December 1, 2008

See finally we made it, we went to Aquaria near KLCC and really a fantastic experience there, the picture i took together wif him, hohohohoo know why both of us were not holdin camera but we can take it. This is becuz of me eheehehee showin pity face to ask the an mo take it for us n then the an mo super funny and very unlucky becuz the first two time, those ngek ngekssss blocking the camera, n then he had to wait until they gone only he manage to take our sweet picture. But the funny things is, he had no idea how to use the phone to take the picture, after he tried for few times only he manage to press the button deep inside and " clik" the photo is there. Wohohohohho but super paiseh, his dearest father showin us the dark face waitin for him to finish up the photo session n then to visit another part. Oopsy daisy so sorry to him. In the darker part, he was juz busyin wif his phone to turn it to flash light, n then he couldnt make it ahahhahahaha, tats his phone but he couldnt make it so funny and then i hv to stand there wif a pose waitin for him to move, going on wif another cute underwater animal. Woooo the best part is under the water, a lot oof sharks stingray wif lonnnnngggg tail n then wif a cute stone fish swimming above us ahhaaaaa, it was nice like i m swimmmin together wif then but they couldnt eat me........ n thhen we walked to the exit........
THE DAY NOT END YET, becuz we still have our MOVIE moghty " BOLT", actually not at all, it juz a super special, touching and funny cartoon. The "BOLT" dog is juz an actor wow but then it is cute ehehehehee if i hv a dog like it, i ll never let it gone away from me, becuz is juz safe when u hv it by ur side and it can be a peer a loyal and trustworthy peer.