Thursday, January 29, 2009


LOOOK !!!! Nice lantern everywhere, here s de renowned TIAN HOU PALACE, ahahaha the lantern showin de 12 Zodiac but ahaha he cant even remember the arrangement of the ZODIAC ( half BANANA). But nice to visit Tian Hou Palace, i pray to a HUGE Guan YIn Buddha hopefully SHE heard my wish................. NIce to visit the LANTERN Palace, it hav been through 120 years but still look magnificient WOW but we juz donate 20 ringgit for the palace ahhahaha hopefully the money can help. Wat a Coincidence, ahaha i met Wilson that s the nite for 1st day of chinese NEwYEar. Of cuz i got ang pau too but not much ahhahahahah hv to struggle for more prepare more greetings chimese idiom to ask for more ang pau...........
Nothin special for tis CNY, not as fun as the previous CNY s but then that s a traditon and a culture for all the CHInese around the world, so we must continue our culture our tradition to next next next next next *( infinity) generation ohohohohohohoho, make sure the married couple giv ANg Pau woohohohhhohoh.
OOps sorry i left out sumthin, i visit his house at nite, wow we hv fun wif firework aahhaah, not tat romantic as u think but is fun becuz it s nice. But the firework is gettin shorter n lesser and much more expensive woow so stingy the firework seller. Perhaps the tax is higher for them to sell firework ahaha becuz it pollute the air wakkakkkakak. But is fun havin once a year.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A start

So happy to talk to her again, at least for more than half an hour i chatted wif her last nite, thx god, finally we hv a good start and a nice talk...... hopefully there s no enmity btwn us, we r not at the begining but dunno y we hv the same thought that both of us are tryin tO avoid from each other, though i noe she my still afraid that i was those fake.. but time ll tell everythin i believe bout tat........ at least we hv a good start. Muaahahhahaha now i m a treasurer again to my school only committee ahahaha, super funny but i ll still do my job well tryin to do well hoopefuly it wont affect my career and my study. Summore tats the 2nd time i be a treasurer so i think it wont be hard task for me then ohohohoho luckily the money that we save the assistant treasurer ll keep so i hv no worry bout loosin the money ahaha thx god to hv a assistant treasurer that can be trusted ahaha. Last semester i hv a super yulks result from 3.5 dropped to 3.29 , wow tat s terrible feel like tearing the result from the board that show it wakakkaka no As ttis time so sad, i knew it, i cant do well becuz i hv a tired n unhappy semester, but i got over it finally, the new sem start, though the sub topic that we hv now is prob tougher and the lecturer for the first aid class is really ****** n i m much more busier now so wat to do is juz to struggle harder and shut up and work hard..............

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1st day preschool

wakakakkakakaka, i hv a very very special student, she s a Negro mix with Malay, and she is super super cute. Wow, though she is in three years of age but then oh i measured her weight
( obese ) suprisingly, 31 KG. A three years old child, 31 KG, but luckily she is an independent gal. As usual, the 1st week of the school, u can heard a lot of crying babies especially for age 3 and 4.
Wow this year we hav a super smart and charming little boys named Adam. Ehehhee but not my student... He has a really attractive look. Then who else, 1st day of school, weirdy students sure a lot, but then they were all cute and need guidance for sure to acclimatize the new surrounding wakakka. But really cannot take it easy, not only becuz of the students, but as well as the NGOK NGAK.
Well our preschool is not tat big and spatial enuf to squeezed wif parents, until the teachers hv to keep on say " excuse me", "sorry", and then " excuse me" .........................., wow continue wif cryin babies wow, a tough day but ehehehe challengin to comfort the child ahaha, huggin them and finally they listen to u, not to cry n then start playin n mix around wif frens. Super happy ^.^


原来, 他需要的是一个开导他的人, 很庆幸的, 我能让他笑了。 一开始, 我真的以为他变了, 不在是

以前的他。 虽然他的她,也许不是那么的爱他, 可她成了他的斗志, 他开始学英语了, 真的好开

心, 他会有那样的动力。 但她的一言一语能变化他的情绪, 很担心,如过或万一他们的这段感情

吹毁了, 他能承受的了吗? 回想过去,我曾经也是他,认识我的,都该觉得我很懦弱。 我不会在是, 而且很希望身边的人,都不要在是以前的我。

从前一个很爱哭的女孩, 带给很多人麻烦的女孩。 她哭累了, 弱的累了, 她要改变成一个不哭的铁人或一个带给人欢笑的小丑, 她人生还该有理想,她远离了自卑, 相信自己能做到。她很希望他同样能做到, 不是为了谁, 是为了自己, 还有瞧不起自己的人。