Sunday, March 22, 2009



Friday, March 20, 2009

A wheel

Hope alwiz stay within us, but achievement is too faraway...
It needed courages to been through reality for the dream to come true.
It was hidden inside de mist that we harden reach it. IS all fate for the dream to choose to let us climb up on it isnt it true????
Do we hv the choice in reality, or fortune are the one who choose us????
But not everyone that can be choosed by it.
Becuz the place is alwiz limited.

I alwiz believe that there s a reason for a person to fail, it muzbe.
But, in real life, there s a lot failure that doesnt hv any reason behind it. No matter how the ppl try, how hard they struggle, a happy ending doesnt belong to them.
M I Wrong????? i wish to noe, can U tell me?? Can U???

I m afraid of failure, i tryin not to.
But the road i taken is not as smoothly as i wanted.
I scare i ll lost my courage to move on one day
becuz i knew how hard a life can be, i already knew.
It made me weaker day by day. I need strength for my dream to come true.
I need strength to stand up again whenever U make me fall from the stairs,
I need strength to fight against the odds that U gave me,
I need strength to reach the destination.

I wont stop even U make me to
I wont cry even U hurt me sumtimes
I wont afraid of the difficulties U gave me
I wont stay even U make me to
I will keep on running even U stop me to
i will still stand even U make me fall

BEcuz i not juz a wheel that controlled by U

Thursday, March 19, 2009

M I MAD???

Throwin tantrum is not a goood way of releasing anger, but i alwiz do. I juz cant control it whenever i feel annoyed especially when my mum shouted at me bout tis bout tat. I juz couldnt control it juz like she does. Haiizzz tat s why we alwiz quarrel izzit?? My wonderful day had juz ruined. I really dont like to be oredered to do sumthin when i watchin movie when ii restin n when i was doin sumthin else. I dint mean to threw tantrum but i juz dont like while i was watchin, it suppose to be my rest time the only time i hv. Now it has gone no mood to watch anymore now.
N then She is now really mad wif me showin her temper infront of me, I really get mad for tat not dare doin anythin infront of her not even dare to see her. I really really feel like goin out now. GOing anywhere which i can escape from allll this HAIIIZzzz. Boss n MUm OMG, both is enuf to ruin up my life. I really really really dont hope i m exist in tis world. I M NOT EXISt it would be better NO pain NO gain. Is flat nothin happen or forever unconcious, CAn i be tat, impossible!!!!! Dont dream bout tat!!!! I was juz the 'lucky' one to be chosen to live here hehehhe so lucky.

HEy everyone!!! All of us ll hv the same prob. once in our life. Let s fight wif it together for our Happyness CHEERS that everythin ll become better one day. Hope and dream for the nice day for us. Work hard buddy!!!!!

Remember, we can grumble but we still need to work hard to show everyone we r good we r the best becuz we hv tomolo we hv future..............................

Friday, March 13, 2009

Is breaktime !!!!

OMG, when i ll say it out loud, i m havin a most tiring life ( not really). But for me, it does tiring. Taking two jobs ( part time) while studyin is not really a good idea. First of all it s not good when u wish to hv a break after u get home, taking a rest and feelin relieve, tat s another job waitin for u. WAKAKKAKA it s not really a good idea. Well, no choice, i was partially broke becuz of fees, shoppin fees, shoppin hahhahha. That s wat i hv to pay for ( who wan to sponser me??? ) No one, then i hv to depend on myself n my mum LOL.

But that s good to keep me away of thinkin bout u, thinkin some nonsences or thinkin some irreality things ( dreamin). Though life is tiring, is good to hv dream while u were workin unconciously, dreamssss make u awake aahahhaah. But i m tryin not to dream becuz it s cuz me headache. It has been 4 days i hvg headache, not really tortured but it make me not to concentrate. Even the most sour food cant wake me up when i was in unconcious condition.

But i m doin quite well now,

becuz i hv a secret recipe ahahhahaha .....


if u really hv a lot of work to do n exam is comin, the best way is to sleep b4 12 and wake up b4 3. IT keeps us to remember much more the things we read and get more energetic in the next mornin. But headache definitely cannot be avoided.

Wake up b4 3 n hv a cup of tea. Save more time n hv more time to finish up all the stuff but maintin our health ( hopefully) ahhahahhaahhaha

Have a break, and hv a cup of tea..............

NEVER RUIN UR LIFE WIF TIRENESS becuz we came here to LOOk For HaPPineSS

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Creative Class

Wooww, everyone think tat s a interestin class but not for me.. Is borin n meaningless class for me. Haiizzz especially becuz i really dislike sewing n then drawin especially makin story book. i hav to struggle to come out wif an idea but my mind is totally empty. Caant think of anythin for the story book, hope tat my sis was here... She is really good in drawin haiiizz though i was her sis but not good in it at all aahahha ( diff genetic). Heaaaddache but hv to do it anyway.

So sleepppyyyy, today woke up super early to compamy my mum to the mornin market ahahaha then the most funny thing happened in the market was i cant keep close to my mum n then i got lost ahahhahahaah. But she should noe i m holdin a lot of things n then cant catch up her pace sooo unfair n after tat hv to get scolded by her too. Mornin market hv too many ppl. IS hard to see where was she n then catch up loooolll.

Stomach pain the whole day edy, dunno y n then feell dizzy n headache now. It make me think of a song ( old McDonald has a farm). ---- Old little wq very pain yee ya yeee ya o. Here pain there pain everywhere pain pain .. Old little wq very pain yee ya yee ya o........... Nice soong rite??
i cant believe i m 21 tis year so sad my sweet 18 happy 19 n adventurous 20 goin to endddd ( 2 n a half month more) i really really wish the day wont come true. But true is alwiz cruel, we cant escape but to face it. The way that we can change it to be a happy scene is to take care of our health our skin our body.................. everythin!!!!

NEVER LET Our AGE TO DECIDE OUR LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We hav
Bio Yung,

Lo Hong Ga hmmm
NEW YORK n then
SK 2 n then we hv
Brands n then
Herbal life
old grandmother way

to keep us young.

So take care galsss ( oopss i forgot Vitamin M-- money)