Sunday, February 15, 2009


Tis the 2nd time i hv bitten by centipede, i hate it and quite pain, the centipede is like 10cm long went into the bathroom while i was takin bath ( tryin to peep me but it have no eyes luckily ahhaa) so bad maybe it juz too love me ( jokin) n it climb to my foot and bite me ( it hated me) so baddd!!! Another lesson for me, the first aid book haven mentioned anythin about the treatment and signs or symptoms of centipede bites OMG i hav to do research again. Y ME?? i juz dunno y those insects really like to choose me to bite or suck my blood oopsss is pain i have bitten by leech three times as i went for camp once and mountain climbing twice haiz. Each time i go, i will sure see the leech under my foot sucking my blood after i take off my shoes so bad i hated leech too though it wont frightened me but it really irritate me haizzz. PLSSS STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!!!! Now the problem is does the centipede poisonous?? Yes it is but it is not not toxic enuf to be deadly like snakes do. Normally u ll see swellin on the place it bites, since the swell is not there i consider tis centipede is not a toxic becuz it is not tat big juz leave it so lol.........
PLSSSS dont come near me again!!!!!! ( to all the insects including mosquito i warn u if not i goin to buy bats as my pet to eat u all!!!!!! ) I ll revenge!!!!

Valentine Celebration

Nice?? ahhahaah both of us made it, i made the Potatoes Salad and he made the Bacon rolled wif mushrom and the Salmon ahahaha. So happy to hv ttis successful Dinner but after we made it, dont feel like eatin it anymore. Maybe was becuz we feel hard to finish up it after workin hard of makin it hehe. Funny things is normally ppl will fried the Bacon few slices together ahhaha we fried it one by one n even the salmon oopsy we bought the wrong salmon fish at Jusco supermarket its bone was much more than its meat ahhahaha. But the Salmon is the best thing to eat for tat dinner. Is quite crispy and hmm dry and oily wakakkaa. Actually i think the potatoes was nice la juz no one noe how to enjoy it, taste it so sad after so much of work, the potatoes ( half of it) was used to feed the DUSTBIN haiz so sad sad bad bad. FINE, at least the dustbin enjoyed it and ate them all. BAAAAADDDD !!!! EHHE, the best part of the nite was after we cleaned up all the stufff sitting down relaxed and enjoy the Champange i bought. THe nite hadnt end yet, he tricked me to play a game he made after he learned Programmin eeheh I added up our birth date numbers untill it became a single number n then added up the numbers of the letters of our name Guess wat i get after tat?? IS A GRAPH SHOWIN A LOVE SHAPE have anyone did tat to gf?? i think less ppl had do tat but anyway let start it it is special and sweeeett and touching. EHEHHE

THE END OF 13 April 2009

We went to Look out Point near Pekan Ampang on Valentine nite ahaaha as we promised to ehee is really nice there and u can see the whole KL. THe scene is nice there and u probably get chill by the cold air up the hills aaha. Here s come my valentine present a rose but is almost wilt now so sad but it can be used to make a bookmark or a hmmm dried flower it ll be nice too rite? I really hope i can keep it longer or forever though tis juz the 2nd time in my life received ROSES but then but it sthe most meaningful roses i have ever received........... Missing him now eehhee

Valentine Ended get back to study now ahaa wake up wake up from dream now get back to reality aahhaha

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

你要的爱 我明白

But I don't know
我要的爱 会把我宠坏

Monday, February 9, 2009


Lost is a pain that we ll been through in our lives. My pregnant fren T Linda, just lost two babies who are juz goin to be delivered in 1 month plus time. It sure a hard time for her losting her babies. Those who read tis blog of mine, plss treasure the time the things the people and the life u have even those who made u angry, made u sad or made u hate. Life is long journey to go, possible u ll lost them the next second the next minute or the next day. Have you ever think that, treasure the time that u hv wif them before is too late, before it becomes a nostalgia of ur life. Though u might lost them one day, but u ll have the best memory that u have wif them.

I am a stupid gal that never hv appreciate what i hv, including my life my family. Quarrels are juz common among my family, but i nvr hate them, is juz sumtime i do let them down. I regret for that, wat i did i say do really hurt them, make them worry. Ya perhaps all of us hav the authorities the right to do wat we want or wish to, but the world is juz not urs. B4 u try to say sumthing or do sumthin plsss think to the person that love s u care bout u and right beside u. Is juz never the same. U r not alone in this world, there are still others around u that need u. Especially those who tried to suicide, hav u ever think that..... me too tried to end up my life b4 thinkin that life is juz a hard long way to torture us. But it isnt the same when u think of others, something or somebody do treasure and care ur life so if u dont wan it juz think of those who really wanted it care for it

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Brand New Gal

Reminiscene has ended, becuz is tired stucking in the past and the memory. That s the small world i should escaped from. Looking towards the future, there s still a lot of possibilities that can happened, it might be better, it might be worse. I juz watched " The Pursuit Of Happyness". Happiness is juz a noun that probably happen in our life. Quotes by Thomas Jefferson " Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". Happiness is juz the thing that we can pursuit, we might not have it. But no one can ever take ur happinees away from u, it s the thing that we work for, we look for and we wait for.

From now on, the journey willl be started, to pursuit the happiness i alwiz want for. For dream, for hope, for family, and for tommorrow. I have to work harder and harder not juz to study but everything. Becuz i have a dream, though everyone telling me even my mum telling me tat s impossible, but i believe it i can do it becuz i wan it.
Reminiscene is juz showing the gal who r naive now on her life ll be changed....
The part of life being naive has ended, the new part of life has beginning. NO more CRIES, No more GRUMBLES, No more COMPLAINTS and No more NAIVE

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Keep fit and study

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


该从那里开始形容她呢? 其实, 我不恨她, 并不讨厌她, 我该谢她, 有个讨人厌的嘴巴, 让我懂得去面对, 成长. 我很害怕她, 曾经是, 可现再, 不会了. 习惯就好...... 妈常告诉我, 病从口入,祸从口出, 像她那样, 祸是迟早的. 所以别怕了, 要面对的是数不尽的. 学习去面对人家的言语, 人家的虚言,人家的假. 笑里藏刀, 很真的, 很实在. 暗箭要防, 该防, 可是不该的去打草惊蛇. 这个社会, 就会有让人提心掉胆的生活. 不错吧..............

她确实好恐怖, 真真的确确实实的认识她, 才会觉的她有多可怕. 知道吗?? 她的嘴巴, 会让人生败名烈, 让人反目成仇, 厉害吧???? 我还是该提防.