Sunday, April 26, 2009


Grandpa, i tot u ll take care of us up there, i tot u ll bless us, are u busy there??? Though i not really close wif them, i really hope all of my family live well, y u wanna take her life away. Izzit death god bringin her away............... ask him not to come near her, she s living happily enjoyin her life wif her pretty gal and handsome boy as well as her husband. They are so happy for nearly 10 years. Y u wanna take away as u gave them. Y cant they live till the end, till they become old.

I never see dad droppin his tears, never even once, but today it dripped from his eyes, i m scare, super scare, wat if the things happen to me, ll he be sadder than now. I dont wan that, i really dont hope that he ll cry, i rather he angry than he cry. I noe family is important for him though juz like they r important for me too.

Y ??? Grandpa, y she hav to go, y she hav to left her family that she built, who force her to do so, izzit the bad demon, or izzit the death god wanna take her away. Y cruel things happened??? iziit reality alwiz cruel, y?????
Y a person who live healthily can get cancer???????? Wat will happen to her children, no one can take care of them except their mother. PLSssss plssss, god plsssss, can u change the news to a fake news plssss........ can u change the reality plsss, can u make me a happy ending.
PLSSSsssss ssssssssssssssssss

Friday, April 24, 2009


FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, finally my final was over ahahahaahhaaha but still hav lot s things to do, workin, piano ing lot s more ................

Before the final paper ahaha, i already celebrated (cant wait to) at ZANMAI (Japenese cuisine), the garden ahahha. I think the staff there sure remember us till today becuz we was the noisiest customer there aaaha. This the 1st time i have Nato a japanese smelly bean that mixed wif mustard..... and dunno wat other ingredients was added that make it so un delicious and smell like rotten egg.

This is wat my fren took when i ate it. Actually i was treated by them but not tryin it once but not for next time becuz after u eat u wont dare to open ur mouth until u brush ur teeth ahhahhaa. super smelly. There s a new dish at Zan mai but i do not check the name yet ahhahah, it look like a burger and is so nice till my frens feel hard to eat it ahahaha.

This is the effect that celebratin too early for the end of final ahhaaaha, i lost 8 mark already........... haizzz. Next sem, i wont do that again anyway.

Monday, April 13, 2009

We ll miss you

Akif, teacher ll miss you, thouhg i juz taught you for 8 months, i ll miss you. Why you went so suddenly??? Juz a high fever, take away ur life. Why cant you continue ur life to standard one to form one and to Uni...........

Juz six years, u had live in this world u gone earlier than teacher, though living is tough, but think of ur mum that sacrificed lot s for u. No one ever give up of u though we noe that u are weak, but at last u giv up and gone forever.

Do u choose to???? U still young, still immature to choose......

We love you and ll miss you, take care there!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

My gOoD Fr!daY

OOps the pain really tortured me, paiiinnnn. I m lame now, becuz of the small tiny toe that make me suffer today. Walking to the toilet was juz harder and a longer journey to me. ( I m trying not to drink water now). Today i was so excited that i had finished up my lesson plan, and kept all the absentees' writing books to the pigeon hole, but i was over excited and accidentally kicked the side of the pigeon hole and hurt my last toe. Luckily i covered my mouth to avoid from screamin like i used to ahhaahaha. The other s teacher saw me hopping with a leg, they already knew it ahaha. Ths the 1st time i need to use the 1st aid kit which normally it was used for students. Haiizzzz, super unfortunately, the element in the 1st aid kit was expired ahahhaha.So "GOOD".

The worse things happened today was my class cancelled. Plss dont misunderstand i m so hardworkin and so desperate for the class. It actually means that the class had been postponed to next friday which i had to attend to get my courework mark and hints for my finallll. ( i really dont hope that ll happen).This useless college only know how to harass the students. HAiizz useless college with a principal hunger for money and lecturer s with lots of medical certificate. i muz be blind folded when i choose to be here.