Sunday, March 7, 2010

To my beloved cousin sis

A yong jie jie, my sis juz got married, tis s a good news ahaha, if u r free plsss bless the new bride up there. CNY juz ended ahahha every year is the same, we hv the same ceebration, we go for every open house le, the difference for tis year is tat we cant see u unluckily. ahaha haha Pei nee is taking good care of ur children dont worry, ur husband is good too i think but he definitely miss you so much, if u r free bless him too up there ahahahahha, actually we miss u too very very much though u not here, they mentioned you alwiz how good u r, wat u did to all of them for us.

We all miss you hope u r cared well up there with new frens new life up there, stop disturbing you now, i hv to continue my work.....................